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"Bon Voyage! I'm off to distroy the rest of the robots!"

Job: Saving his food

Personality: Overconfident, but strong, and never tired

Weapon of choice: Eating the enemy

Description: Kirby is the "hero" of dreamland. Although it's known he only saves the planet for the sake of his food, he still does save the planet.


"No Luigi, he meant he'd get them all... ...If we don't first!"

Job: Hero of Mushroom Kingdom

Personality: Competitive, skilled, and inpatient

Weapon of choice: Hammer

Description: Mario is the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. In love with Peach, he will do anything to save her from his arch-nemesis, Bowser. He and his brother Luigi manage to somehow stop any threat to their homeland.


"Your shoes... ...taste terrible."

Job: Helping Mario

Personality: Lazy, but reliable, and optimistic

Weapon of choice: Jumping on the enemy

Description: Luigi is Mario's younger brother and sometimes helps him out. He gets almost no credit for this though, so as a result he is somewhat lazy.


"They all seem to have dramatic deaths."

Job: Saving zelda

Personality: Relaxed, arrogant, defensive

Weapon of choice: Four sword

Description: Link is the hero of Hyrule, but after saving zelda from the stone they seemed to have gotten in a little fight.


"You see why I hate him?? He's an inconsiderate fool!!

Job: Princess of Hyrule

Personality: detail noticing, easily annoyed, destructive

Weapon of Choice: n/a

The spoiled princess of Hyrule and link's Master and friend. She is easily ticked off, and you might want to stay away from her.

Master hand

"I'll smash you up to the world to come"

The Master Hand apparently was enraged at Nintendo just because it was not in enough games (he doesn't count being the star of Classic mode in SSBB and SSBM) and even in that one kirby game he was only an ability boss. Therefore took over Dedede's castle. Little is know about him.


"Take this Mario!"

Bowser seems to be enraged at Mario greatly, just because Mario is better than him at everything. Bowser was therefore recruited with the other evils only because he wants to beat Mario. He obviously didn't learn from the time Fawful tricked him into eating that mudhroom that made him swallow Mario. All Fawful did was tell Bowser it would help him defeat Mario. It Didn't.


"Here as always."

Keeby is the first silhouetted figure shown below. As stated there, he is the one who sent Kirby to the Mushroom kingdom. Little else is known.

King Deedeedee

"Heh, of course."

King Deedeedee is the second silhouetted figure shown below. As said there he is the one who recruited Bowser. He is also one of Kirby's rivals. Little else is known.


Todd is the little toad that never stays in class the whole day. One day after Mr. Toadbling was being too boring, Todd ran home and found Kirby on the way. He then brought him with him.


No It's not Toaddette. It's Toadiet. Toad-EET. Anyway Toadiet is todds mother and is always concerned that Todd won't grow into a responsible toad if he keeps ditching school, but never actually does anything about it.


Toadum is Toadiet's husband, and Todd's father. The reason why he is green is unknown to all but Toadiet, and she can be very secretive. He had a case of the blorbs and Kirby thinks he cured them, so Toadum plays along with it even though he knows Mario really did.

Copy Doo

Copy Doo's origins are completely unknown, all that is known is that he helped kirby defeat the other waddle doos, so is presumably good.


This mysterious figure is the one who sent Kirby to the Mushroom Kingdom. He is in charge of the Master Hand.


Although it is obvious to any Kirby fan who this is, he will remain in the silhouetted figures category anyways. He is the one that recruited Bowser.


This star shaped figure is in charge of all the other "evils".

Freeze Kirby

"I am gonna kill some waddles with this."

Freeze is Kirby's favorite copy ability. He used it the first time he lost to Master Hand. Too bad he can't get it when he becomes DS style. But Ice is just as good. Jet Kirby

"I just got Jet: fly at top speed and crush all your opponents in the way!"

Jet Kirby is one of those copy ability that really speeds up Kirby's killing rate. Kirby first got Jet from a mechafawful. he uses it throughout most of Chapter 1.

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